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Complementary Resources

Indiana Department of Education (IDOE)

The Indiana Department of Education web site is an excellent source of county, school district and school corporation data.  See the Data Center for statistics, performance measures and details, and data reports.  

Performance measures  include

  • Annual School Performance Reports (for each public school and school corporation)          
  • COMPASS  (performance data and datasets by school)
    • Enrollment
    • Test date, scores
    • Accountability determinations (e.g., mobility report by school)
  • Graduation rates and other high school outcomes (corporation and school)
  • ECAs and ISTEPS (by school or school corporation)

Data reports (school and corporation reports designed for researchers and program evaluators)

(see Accountability, Data Center – e.g., Mobility Report by School;  corporate and school graduation rates; COMPASS data by school.